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Dietary modification for Underweight  eternal-bliss.com

Dietary modification for Underweight eternal-bliss.com

The main aim of dietary modification for underweight person is to restore the body weight to normal. The dietary modification for underweight aims to bring body weight to normal; it is also to provide some extra energy store for the possible lean period. By bringing the body weight to normal it is possible to avoid complications that may arise due to low body weight.

The following modifications should be done in diet to help bring the body weight to normal in an underweight person:

The most important dietary modification required is to provide extra approximately 500 Kcal per day. This 500 Kcal per day is above the daily requirement of energy or calorie. Extra 500 Kcal per day will increase body weight by approximately 0.5 kg (kilogram) per week. If higher weight gains (more than 0.5 kg per week) is desired than daily extra calorie intake should be about 1000 kcal per day which will cause weight gain of approximately 1 kg per week.

A high energy intake should be accompanied with a high intake of proteins which is must to build up the muscle mass for maintaining normal body weight. Easily digestible foods with high protein contents like milk, eggs, and a combination of cereals and pulses should be included in the diet of underweight.

The carbohydrate content should be high in the diet for underweight. High carbohydrate intake can help to meet the high energy needs, as most of the extra energy need should come from carbohydrates. The carbohydrate should come from easily digestible foods like sugar, honey, cereals, starchy vegetables and fruits and these should be consumed liberally. The bulk of the food should not be increased as it can cut down the total food intake.

Fats content of the diet of underweight should be moderate so it can partly meet the increased energy needs but not exceed the tolerance. The fats should contain essential fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids. Fats should be easily digestible.

The diet should contain enough vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet can provide adequate vitamins and minerals required by the underweight person. Vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals and pulses, particularly in sprouted beans, help in ensuring an adequate intake of minerals and vitamins.

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