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More Smart card resources

More Smart card resources

Balance Readers - why everybody likes them?

Balance readers are pocket size smart card readers. Inexpensive, extremely practical and convenient way to check balance on your smart card. Which balance?!?

Cards with money or point value come in mind first: ePurse cards, bank cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, phone cards, mass transport cards, club cards, gift cards...any kind of smart cards where end user wants to find out in instant what''s left in there.

Don''t forget other types of smart cards where you would want interested party to read simple information from the card: health card (emergency data), ID cards, drivers license, club access cards, membership cards...

Balance reader will read data you allow to be read and nothing else. It can show one line of data or scroll through several lines. Powered with common CR batteries it will read plugged smart cards for years to come. Great marketing tool to be sold for small fee or given away to your customers! Here we offer 3 basic models:

Shows enabled value in any ZC Basic Card. No extra programming needed!

* 4 alpha numeric + 6 digits17.00 USD (or less in qty.)

Shows enabled value in any enabled smart card. Custom programming needed.

* custom6.28 USD (or less in qty.)

Shows enabled value in any smart cards with T=0. Custom programming needed.

* 4 digits + 6 digits6.49 USD (or less in qty.)

>> Picture worth of thousand words. Balance Reader at work! Shows remaining balance in the bank card. Time to re-load the card with more money!

Still not sure why Smart Cards at all? View this brochure for some answers!

> Ultimate ID verification and authentication is achieved by using smart cards and encrypted

biometrics. Omnikey 7121 is ideal, low cost, advanced, USB authentication device. Made in Germany, intro price:129.95 USD

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