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Buy smart cards SDK here, Basic Card, JAVA, Mifare, fingerprint ...

Buy smart cards SDK here, Basic Card, JAVA, Mifare, fingerprint ...

Smart Cards - SDK - Smart Card Readers - Smart card programming - Smart card systems

Smart card Software Development Kits on this page! This is sure a true power page on this site! To program smart card SDK is essential tool. Loaded with software development tools each of the SDK packages offered here brings to the table capability to program specific family of smart cards or devices. Sometimes both. Each package has a rich software and hardware content and has everything needed to start development!

Some programmers actually buy several packages and by testing and reviewing SDK they find best choice for specific task.

SDK is really small price to pay for potentially great product or smart card system resulting from development efforts. Most of SDKs Made in

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Contents: CyberMouse smart card reader/writer (USB), Balance Reader, CD, ZC3.12 x 1, ZC3.32 x 2, complete Basic book, brochures. Very powerful development tools loaded into such small package. Very small price to pay for almost unlimited functionality. Check our own projects page, 95% of designs were done based on this single SDK and one or more Basic Cards used.

All Basic Cards except for the ZC7.5 are covered by this SDK. Made in Germany by Zeit Control

Basic Card SDK - Dual Interface

Contents: OmniKey 5321 dual interface reader/writer (USB), TagTracer ISO 14443 OEM, Balance Reader, CD, Basic Card ZC7.5DI x 4 smart cards, complete Basic book

Made in Germany by Zeit Control


Kit contains software tools needed to effectively program JAVA based smart cards, namely JCOP models. Contains readers, contact and contacless (models subject to availability), CD and plenty of cards:

SCM SCR3310V2 Smart card reader, contact

SCM SCL010 Smart card reader, contactless

CD with JCOP Eclipse software tools, demo files, training filesCards Made by NXP Germany, readers by SCM Germany or OmniKey Germany

SCM Contact Smart Card SDK - P/N 905129

The SCM Contact Smart Card SDK contains documentation, software tools, demo applications and source code samples to provide a comprehensive collection of development tools to work with SCM Microsystems´ contact smart card reader products.Software development companies can use the kit to develop systems, specific to their requirements to meet customer demands or to incorporate contact smart cards based on PC/SC specification into their current applications.

Reader:• 1 SCR3310V2.0 USB reader• 1 SCR243 PCMCIA reader• 1 @MAXX USB-ID000 token readerCards:• 4 Memory Smart Cards (2x 256kbit I2C, SLE4442 and SLE4428 pin protected)• 2 Microprocessor Smart Cards (ID-000 size punched)• SIM card adapterSoftware on CDRom:• Smartcard Commander professional edition• PC/SC source code samples for development in VC++, Delphi, C#, VB.NET• Convenient user interface to access all SDK features• All necessary device drivers• Demo applications• PC/SC and MCard Diagnosis Tools and Documentation

Complete brochure HERE!Made by SCM, Germany

SCM Contactless Smart Card SDK - P/N 905124

his contactless/NFC SDK contains two NFC enabled readers in desktop and USB token formfactor. Together with a variety of popular contactless tags along with documentation, source code samples (VC++, Delphi, C# and VB.Net) demo applications and the professional version of Smartcard Commander, a powerful easy to handle script based software for development and application testing.This comprehensive bundle, makes it a valuable toolset for software engineers who develop applications based on SCM Microsystems contactless smart card reader portfolio allowing to incorporate various contactless smart chip technologies into their applications based on most common standards such as ISO14443, Mifare and FeliCa.Contactless Readers:• 1 SCL010 incl. cardholder• 1 SCL3711Cards/Tags:• 1 NFC Forum enabled Tag• 1 NFC Forum Tag type 2• 1 NFC Forum Tag type 4• 2 Mifare 1k (Sticker/Keyfob)• 2 Mifare 4k• 2 Mifare Ultralight• Topaz NFC Forum Tags• DesFire EV1 TagSoftware:• Smartcard Commander professional edition• PC/SC source code samples for development in VC++, Delphi, C#, VB.NET• NFC Wrapper - provides a unique API to read and modify NFC forum compliant tags• Demo applications: NFC Simple Tag Editor, UID Checker, NFC Tag read/writer,• All necessary device drivers• PC/SC Diagnosis Tools and Documentation• SCL010/SCL3711 device reference manuals and datasheetsComplete brochure HERE!Made by SCM, Germany.

Smart card reader for contacless / contact smart cards. Contains:

OmniKey printed SDK manual for all 5x21 readers

POS SDK package consiting of: Point of Sale terminal with modem and power supply, PIN pad, download cable, SDK software CD, CyberMouse smart card reader CCID, Balance Reader, ZC3.12 smart card x 1, ZC3.9 smart card x 2, printed programming bookby Zeit Control, Germany

Kit contains STT200, documentation, source samples and demo applications to provide coder with capability of programming STT200 smart card terminal. Terminals like this are widely used in German eHealth system. Dual smart card slots, SAM slots, Ethernet ports. Delphi host application, Visual C++ application, Visual C++ host application. Click HERE for brochure, click HERE fro SDK brochure. Contents:

IHC Studio SDK, new version of Xi Studio

Xiring (Ingenico) released latest version of IHC Studio SDK, former Xi Studio. Using that SDK it is possible to program all IHC 200, 400 and 600 terminals.

Contains 1 software license, training, 2 sample programmable terminals, downloadable tools, compilations, documentation

1 year of additional support & maintenance fee for IHC STUDIO SDK by Xiring (Ingenico)

Bringing finest smart card products made in:

Almex Ltd. is in business from January 1990. going strong for 23 years! More from Almex:

www.almexltd.com - security equipment I www.cardacc.com - card access parts and systems I www.bosch-cctv.com - all CCTV you will ever need

Almex SmartCard Products - Oakville - Ontario - Canada

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