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CPO Health - INFORMATION: Promotions

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Our site is a member of the PanGeo Media Group of Internet

From time to time, PanGeo Media Group offers special promotions and

prizes through a variety of contests, giveaways, and other promotional

If You''re A Visitor To Our Sites:

Our sites are growing rapidly in number and have lots of information

and entertainment to spread. And many promotional opportunities for

you to win prizes. Check back here for new postings on the latest contests,

We offer a broad range of services designed to to raise brand awareness

and accelerate user interaction on our web sites. For advertisers, our

mission is to gain maximum exposure with users, readers, with a minimum

commitment of resources. PanGeo sites accomplish this through creative

advertising methods and unique marketing promotions, strategies, and

tactics that recruit users in the most effective manner possible.

We reach thousands of web site users with a variety of target marketing

and promotions methods. To find out more about these activities and

how we help consumer-focused companies achieve their goals, please look

through our site and then contact us for additional information.

To reach PanGeo Media Group, call us at 650-754-0896.

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